City of Laredo Makes Changes to the Vehicle Parade Permit


Laredo, Texas—On Monday, November 2, 2020, City Council made some changes to the vehicle parade permit guidelines, which are part of Laredo’s Emergency Ordinance. It was determined to increase the number of vehicles in a parade to 100, in order for this event to require a permit, which has no cost to the hosts. This new provision is effective as of today, November 05, 2020. 

There must be a designated “Host” who is responsible for ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Order and must submit the permit at least 48 hours before the event. The designated Host may arrange for a local law enforcement agency or volunteers to provide security.  

The City reminds the community to be mindful when hosting these vehicle parades and be considerate of your neighbors and other motorists when hosting an event. The City recommends anyone with a vehicle parade of any size, to please follow all traffic laws. Covid-19 safety precautions must be observed during parade events. When meeting prior to the parade at a specific location all participants must practice social distancing and avoid congregating outside of their vehicles before, during or after the parade route. Furthermore, all participants should wear a face mask at all times. Remember safety first.

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