Laredo Expecting Freezing Rain During Valentine’s Day Weekend


Laredo , TEXAS – According to the National Weather Service, Laredo will experience cold temperatures with a chance of freezing rain on Sunday, February 14, throughout the evening. With this in mind, the City of Laredo is asking the public to avoid any traveling on roadways during this weekend. If there is a need to travel, the city recommends drivers to travel with caution and watch out for ice on the roadway. In addition, travelers are recommended to reduce their speed and maintain distance from other vehicles when traveling on bridges or an overpass.

The City of Laredo Utilities Department also recommends both residential and commercial property owners to inspect private water lines and pipes for proper protection, draining, and insulation against a freeze. In addition, the public should consider the following:

  • Making the necessary arrangements to care for the elderly
  • Bringing pets inside or providing appropriate shelter to shield them from cold temperatures. If you are cold, it means your pets are also cold.
  • Covering any exposed plumbing and pipes
  • Wrapping all exposed pipes located outside or in unheated areas
  • Removing garden hoses from outside faucets and insulating them with rags, towels, or paper
  • Opening cabinet doors under sinks adjacent to outside walls and in unheated garages
  • Covering plants to avoid freeze
  • Calling a plumber for further assistance and recommendations as needed
  • Reviewing video tutorials on winterizing your backflow preventer on your sprinkler irrigation system or winterizing a backflow device. The City of Laredo is not liable for the accuracy of the information in these videos since water lines and equipment may differ.  

Renters and tenants may be responsible for personal property damage caused by broken water pipes during severe weather conditions. Residents should contact property management/landlord or maintenance personnel to locate property owner’s cut-off valve and find ways to avoid pipe breakage during a freeze. The City of Laredo Utilities Department also encourages businesses that continue to operate landscape irrigation systems to shut them off in order to prevent possible freezing of pedestrian areas and damage caused by harsh weather conditions.

If a water line breaks, the cut off valve does not work, or the customer is unable to locate or operate the valve, the City of Laredo Utilities is available to turn off the water. Please call the Utilities 24-Hour Emergency Hotline at 956-721-2010.

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